Controller wall mount

wall mounted controller mount / holder, designed to print fast with 0.8mm nozzle, I used cura 5.2.1 basic pla+ settings, on its side, with raft, with hortrizontal expansion @ -0.02 so as to allow for single pass without any travels (thickness is 1.6mm / 3.2 @ top fold, also hence gap in horizontal support), hole(s) to be drilled as much faster to print. adhering to wall with pink grip or hanging strip would work for less invasive approach. this printed in 35min in pla+ @ 80mm/s with bed @ 60 and nozzle at 220 on stock cr10, if widened to 66mm it fits ps4 controller perfectly on the d-pads for frontal orientation but would obviously take longer to print 🙂

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