Pythagorean CR-10 Perfect 90⁰ Z Supports

Made using 640mm 2020 aluminium v-slot profile shortened to exact measure, and made to utilise the end hole centres of the 2040 Z and Y sections of the Cr10.

The angles and length of aluminium extrusion may need to be adapted to match your printer exactly, I actually enlarged the original M5 holes and tapped them to fit the 12mm 84⁰ countersunk M6 bolts for a cleaner self centering fit as the extrusion came with a 5.2mm end hole ideal for an M6 standard pitch thread.

These are printed in basic resin on Photon S SLA and are very sturdy, but do also work really well in PLA+ as I tested just one side but the resin was quicker and took far less finishing.