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Where am I?

This is Me...

Ant... a Standalone freelance Web Author, Graphic Designer, 3D Modeller and Printer of things!

dabbling in all things design on computers since my brainy brother showed me how to boot up an old 486 thinkpad about 20 years ago... I've moved on from paint since!...

...For the most part of my life I've worked in Engineering sectors, Web & Computer Aided Design being my hobby & passion...

This has given me a great base to create technical media, both digitally and physically! producing accurate working parts to exact specification! and beautiful design concepts for the online world!

Thankyou for taking the time to read about ...Me!

Everything you see on this site, bar the logo links to resources,
are My creation.

Authoring, Graphics, Animation and Content.

If you like what you see and are in need of any of the services I offer, Get in touch!